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International Study Week / Internationale Woche

International Study Week "Inclusion and Diversity“ (15 - 17 November 2016) 

The Faculty of Education, Architecture and Arts of the University Siegen, Germany, organizes an "International Study Week" on 15 to 17 November 2016. This study week will bring together students, lecturers and researchers from a number of European, African and American countries. Participants will discuss theoretical and practical aspects of diversity and social inclusion in education, social work and built environment. International perspectives on social inclusion in formal and informal education systems, in everyday social life and cultural activities take the centre stage. In addition, the way of designing and experiencing an inclusive built environment will be addressed. Here, diversity and social inclusion are understood as challenges to be solved at the local level which is at any time influenced by globalization, migration and demographic change. During the "International Study Week", a wide range of lectures, workshops and activities will be offered. Participants will be able to become acquainted with international peers and to enlarge their network. Siegen is situated in the western part of Germany, near Cologne/Dortmund/Frankfurt. The University Siegen has approximately 20.000 students and a technical engineering, educational and social scientific profile.