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Homepage Media Psychology and Educational Psychology

Media psychology describes and explains human experience and behavior when dealing with media. Teaching and learning are central topics of educational psychology. Both subjects, media psychology and educational psychology, have a long-standing tradition in applied psychology.

Due to digitalisation, both fields are currently in a rapidly evolving transformation process. In fact, there is hardly any area of society that has changed and continues to change as quickly as the media. In order to understand and explain new media uses and media effects psychologically, scientifically sound knowledge is available in media psychology. However, the change in hardware, software and content in the media sector is happening so quickly that researchers in media psychology have problems catching up with these developments. 

The situation is very similar in the field of education: Here, too, the advancing digitalisation is questioning the psychological standards of education and the transfer of knowledge in schools, universities and outside school. Important findings in educational psychology need to be reconsidered and supplemented.

Facing these challenges in research and practice is a fascinating task. From basic research to applied research, technological research, and to the scientification of practical psychological knowledge (leading back into scientific research), media psychologists and educational psychologists rely on the knowledge and the procedures of empirical psychology.

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