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Socio-spatial Inclusion of Migrants and Urban Planning Strategies in Small and Mid-sized Cities

In cooperation with the Dutch mid-sized city Kerkrade and Hogeschool Zuyd (NL)

Projektleitung: Sabine Meier
Studentische Mitarbeiter*innen: Lydia Aman, David Heidemann
Laufzeit: seit März 2017 fortlaufend
Finanziert durch Universität Siegen

Theoretical frame and research question:

Mid-sized cities of up to 100,000 inhabitants have not been the main destination of migrants arriving in the Netherlands and in Germany in recent years. Instead, big cities have been favoured by many migrant groups unless mid-sized are probably suitable ´arrival cities´. Mid-sized cities have probably fewer local opportunity structures at their disposal than do the metropoles, but it is clear that these places are not isolated islands. In urbanised German regions and in the whole Netherlands, mid-sized are properly connected to big cities by public transport. In addition, due to the range of social media platforms, newcomers are able to maintain social networks with others who live elsewhere. However, due to the power relations in the field of capital flow, big cities are more likely to attract investment and human capital than are mid-sized cities (Harvey, 2006; Smith, 1984).

This research project deals with the interplay between the rescaling processes of cities and pathways of inclusion of migrants. Building on scale theory and by employing mid-sized cities as a unit of analysis, the main research questions are: 1) how do urban authorities rescale their cities and 2) how are these strategies related to migrants pathways of socio-spatial inclusion.

To better understand the processes of hierarchical positioning of cities in relation to migrant pathways of inclusion, a number of scholars (Belina, 2008; Brenner, 2011; Swyngedouw, 1997; Glick Schiller and Çağlar 2011) propose a multiscalar approach with takes the centre stage in this research project

International Workshop:

2017, Socially inclusive small and mid-sized towns: Academic perspectives on small and medium-sized
towns´ characteristics and everyday strategies of refugees/newcomer to find ´their place´ in the
institutional and the informal social systems, Leitung: Sabine Meier in Kooperation mit
NEIMED/Zuyd Hogeschool Heerlen, 1./2. Juni, Universität Siegen.




In progess,
Being Accommodated, well then? ´Scalar Narratives´ on Urban Transformation and Asylum
Seekers´ Integration in Mid-sized Cities, Urban Planning (Issue: European Cities Planning for
, 3(4)

Solidary Spaces. Changing everyday routines and small cities´ meaning by voluntary work for migrants, International Journal



In progress,
Social inclusion of migrants in European shrinking small towns, in: Syssner, J. & G.-J. Hospers,
Dealing with Urban and Rural Shrinkage: Formal and Informal Strategies, LIT Publishers.

Solidarische Räume. Teilhabe als sozialräumliche Praxis von Ehrenamt und Neuzugewanderten in einer niederländischen Mittelstadt, Meier, S. & K. Schlenker (Hrsg.) Teilhabe und Raum, Barbara Budrich Verlag, S.xx

Lectures/Conference Papers/Vorträge:

2018, Ankunftsraum Klein- und Mittelstadt. Scale theory und die Bedeutung von Akteurssystemen
und Repositionierung des Ortes für die sozialräumliche Integration von Geflüchteten, DGS
Kongress, Sektion Stadt- und Regionalsoziologie, Göttingen, 27. September.
2018, Rethinking Stagnating Cities. Which kind of ´arrival cities´ are shrinking small cities?,
Universiteit Wageningen (NL), Lecture Studium Generale, 19th June (together with Maurice
2017, On the doorstep: Refugee experiences of solidarity in the German region South Westphalia,
Nordic Geographers 7th Meeting 2017 ´Geographies of inequalities´, Department of Human
Geography, Stockholm University, 18-21 of June
2017, Being Placed. Newcomer´s struggle to get ahead in Dutch and German small and medium sized
towns, International workshop ´Socially inclusive small and medium sized towns´, Zuyd
Hogeschool & NEIMED, FoKos Siegen and University Siegen, 1-2 June.
2017, Solidary action: Refugee experience of support in the German rural region South Westphalia,
European Geographies Conference 2017, Johann Heinrich von Thünen Institute, Braunschweig,
15. Juni.
2017, Ankunftsräume in klein- und mittelstädtischen Quartieren in Zuid-Limburg (NL), 3. Workshop
´Räumliche Aspekte von Flucht, Zuwanderung und Integration´, Institut für Landes- und
Stadtentwicklungsforschung (ILS), Dortmund, 12. Mai.
2016, Welcoming culture? Potentials in shrinking small towns to ´integrate´ migrants, Lecture,
International Conference ´Strategies for shrinking municipalities´, Linköping University, The
Centre for Municipality Studies, Norrköping, Sweden: 27th of January