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As a promotor I supervise the following Ph.D. project with the topic ´New forms of local urban governance and social inclusion of non-EU migrants in shrinking cities´

Ph.D student: M.A. Laura Foelske


As a co-promotor I supervise the following Ph.D. projects:

Mitwirkung von Migrantenorganisationen in Kommunikationsprozessen im Rahmen der integrierten Quartiersentwicklung

Ph.D student: Danilo da Lima

Promotor: Prof. Dr-Ing. Hilde Schröteler-von Brandt, University Siegen

Citizen initiatives in depopulating peripheral areas (abgeschlossen)

Ph.D. student:
drs. Erzsi de Haan, Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen
Prof. Dr. Dirk Strijker and Dr. Tialda Haartsen, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
Many peripheral European areas face significant changes resulting from demographic change
and the decrease of governmental financial support. Reduction or even disappearance of public
and social services is one consequence. Scholars argue that the reduction of public and social
services could influence the overall livability of the shrinking small towns and villages in a negative
way. The Ph.D. project deals with the question why some small town and village communities are
able to maintain citizens initiatives while others do not succeed. The examination of the reasons for
durability of citizens initiatives takes the center stage.