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Home Developmental Psychology

Welcome to the Department of Developmental Psychology!

Developmental Psychology deals with the description and explanation of chronical changes concerning the human experience and behavior during the whole lifespan. The approach of lifespan psychology involves the developmental processes during childhood
and youth, but also during the middle and old age. Important psychological functions that are investigated with regard to developmental aspects are cognitive (perception, thinking, memory, speech), emotional, motivational and social functions.

Besides the basic research in the description and explanation of processes of development, Developmental Psychology also involves an applied approach. Fields of application are, for example, early education/intervention, language and learning disorders, mental disorders concerning a particular age (childhood, youth, and old age), abuse of children, bullying at school, and successful aging.

Research in the Department of Developmental Psychology under the direction of Prof.
Dr. Simon Forstmeier includes basic as well as applied research questions. We are engaged in research on developmental processes and interventions in the field of self-regulation and reminiscence. Under the heading Research you can find a detailed
description of our main research foci.