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Our research mainly deals with two subjects: self-regulation and reminiscence. Both subjects are examined from the perspective of lifespan and from a basic and applied point of view. Some of our projects are situated at the intersection between developmental psychology and clinical psychology, for example the role of self-regulation for cognitive and affective health, or interventions to use reminiscence in order to enhance well-being.

The following compilation gives you an overview of current, previous and future projects.

Self-regulation over the lifespan
•    Experimental measurement of delay of gratification and its cognitive and affective correlates and consequences
•    Intergenerational relationship between delay of gratification of mother and child
•    Relationship between delay of gratification and future episodic thinking over the lifespan
•    Motivational reserve as a protective factor in development of cognitive disorder, depression and apathy (MoReA)
•    Motivational reserve and healthy aging in the AgeCoDe study

Reminiscence interventions over the lifespan
•    Life review therapy for holocaust survivors (LRT-HS)
•    Life review as a module of a psychosocial intervention for patients with mild Alzheimer's disease and their caregivers (CBTAC)
•    Life review therapy as a computer-supplement in treatment of depression in old age
•    Structured life story work with disadvantaged children and adolescents
•    Experimental studies on reminiscence and emotion regulation over the lifespan

Self-regulation/volition training over the lifespan
•    Self-regulation training as disorder-unspecific intervention in the psychosomatic rehabilitation of adults
•    Combined self-regulation and stress-management training for adolescents
•    Self-regulation training at school and extra-curricular learning (e.g. music lessons)